Mining The Diamond In You

A Journey Of Reinvention And Transformation

When it comes to personal transformation Gary may know this process more intimately than most. Sentenced to fifteen years in prison for two counts of kidnapping, carjacking and

armed robbery. He spent the next twelve years and nine months transforming his criminal mentality into a positive mentality.

This book is a glimpse of one man’s ascent from the pit of crime and drug addiction to stand in the light of redemption and transformation. Mining the Diamond  is what each person on earth must do in order to live their best life and reach their full potential.


In Mining The Diamond In You (A Journey Of Reinvention And Transformation) Robinson shares the steps he took to transform his life. He discusses:


·         Accepting responsibility for where you are in life.

·         Regaining your belief in yourself.

·         Finding a mentor.

·         How to stay focused on your goals in the face of adversity.

·         Overcoming obstacles to live your dreams.


Whether you come from an impoverished community saturated with drugs and violence, an abusive relationship, or financial ruin. Regardless of your circumstances or your past, with determination and a desire to be better, the life you want is never beyond your grasp.


“One of the greatest lessons I learned from prison is that no matter how low you fall, your ability to rise remains unstoppable.”

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© 2018 by Gary Robinson