A former ninth grade dropout addicted to drugs and alcohol, at age twenty Gary was sentenced to fifteen years in prison for carjacking, kidnapping and armed robbery. It was within the confines of a prison cell that he realized his life had purpose and that he was responsible to fulfill it. He used prison as his personal university, spending the next twelve years and nine months transforming his criminal mentality into a positive mentality by adopting principles practiced by successful people.


“Principles are the fundamental factors for success. Certain universal truths, that aren’t affected by race, class or creed. Consequently, these principles can be forged into habits that shape our lives to reflect our desires. Adopt the right principles and you can live the life you wish and become the person you want,” says Robinson.

Gary’s life is an example of the redemptive power of transformation. He now uses his story to encourage people to reach for their dreams. Find strength in their struggle, and remind them that regardless of their past they can rise above any set back.


“We are more than our circumstances. We are greater than our failures.”

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